SuperHuman Award

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This year we’ve got an exciting new award in the mix — the SuperHuman Award. We’re asking every Mayor and Chair to nominate an elected member from their council or a community board — a hidden gem who exemplifies what being an elected member is all about. The winner of this award will be a genuine giver, enabler and doer who always goes above and beyond for their community. They are driven by a clear purpose and genuine desire to lift their community. They’re a SuperHuman!

To nominate someone for the SuperHuman Award, you must demonstrate they are:

  • A connector and facilitator. This person showcases exceptional ability in bringing broad and diverse groups together, helping council make progress through partnerships and collaborations.
  • An innovator thinker. This person demonstrates a track record of creative problem-solving and innovative thinking that challenges the status quo and makes a positive impact.
  • An active enabler. This person has the proven ability to transform ideas into reality efficiently and effectively, making sure intent is followed up with action.
  • A voice amplifier. This person actively listens to and elevates community voices, especially those who aren’t often heard from, and ensures these local voices help shape council work and decisions. They create a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone in the community.
  • An expectation exceeder. This person consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty, showing dedication and commitment to their role, team, and community.

Let’s find that shining star who’s not just pushing the envelope but rewriting the entire postal system!


  1. In 2,500 words or less, nominations should be submitted with detailed examples for each criterion, including specific projects, initiatives or examples that demonstrate the nominee’s mahi.
  2. Provide a 60-90 second of video content from colleagues, community members and/or stakeholders who support the application and why. Video content may ONLY be filmed on a phone — professionally produced content is not permitted and the video should be supplied in landscape format.
  3. Up to four pieces of additional supporting evidence such as engagement materials, participation data, feedback mechanisms, and examples of resulting policy or programme adjustments will enrich the application. These should be in either .pdf, .png or .jpeg format.
  4. Provide two PR summaries. One should be 150 words or less, and the second 500 words or less. The PR summaries may be used if the nominee is a shortlisted finalist or winner and may be used in press release(s), promotional or marketing activities


  • To be eligible to enter, the individual must be nominated by either a Mayor or Chair of a current LGNZ member organisation.
  • Membership with LGNZ must be current at both time of application and at the awards ceremony.
  • The nominated individual must be an elected member.
  • Nominated individual, their current employer or employer at time of application through to the completion of the Awards process may not have been prosecuted, fined, or have charges or fines pending, for a violation of any environmental, social, or commercial law in Australia, New Zealand or overseas in the past three years.