Kris Pervan 

General Manager Strategy and Growth, Kāpiti Coast District Council 

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CBEC Kris Pervan

Kris Pervan is a member of the Kāpiti Coast District Council Executive team and a proud resident of the West Coast of the North Island. She has a strong interest in social justice and in her spare time enjoys the natural beauty and opportunities of the Coast with her partner of 24 years and daughter. Her portfolio includes responsibility for coastal adaptation, district planning, strategic development, housing and economic development, research and policy, and strategy. Kris is the SRO for recovery for the district in the event of an emergency. Kris has an academic background in economics and econometrics and considers herself to be a public servant given the 20 years spent in central government including MSD, the justice sector, NZ Police, Internal Affairs, Royal Commission looking into abuse in care, ACC, and Health. In that time, Kris has led high-profile projects including costing the unintended impacts of the criminal justice system; financial sustainability and stewardship reviews; established Royal Commissions; and reset governance and performance arrangements at system-level. Kris brings a strong trauma-informed approach to the table along with steady focus on improving community life and sustainability. Currently, Kris is working with elected members to set out the community aspirations for Kāpiti for the future; and is also leading a co-design project to outline community aspirations for responding to climate change and gain buy-in for where climate adaption actions are needed over time.