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The Community Boards Conference tackles the issues that matter most to your community, as well as the challenges and opportunities you face as a Community Board member — from resilience and climate change to bringing localism to life.

Session one | 9.00AM | Thursday 22 August

Bringing localism to life

Bringing localism to life isn’t just about what central government can do to enable more decision-making and action at the local level. It also requires us to think about what local government can with what it already has — and how it can champion and action the change they want to see on the ground. In this session we’ll explore tangible ways councils can work with their communities to bring localism to life. We’ll hear from community and business leaders about how councils can shape and deliver strong and effective outcomes, now and in the future.

Session two | 12.00PM | Thursday 22 August

Resilience as an elected member

Being a community leader demands strength and resilience, yet navigating the role of a community board member comes with its own set of challenges. In this session, you'll gain insights from experienced leaders who’ll offer practical advice on maintaining your wellbeing so you’re equipped with the tools and techniques you need to look after yourself and deliver for your community. We’ll explore ways to work in partnership with others to deliver more than you could hope to by going it alone.

Session three | 3.00PM | Thursday 22 August

Tackling climate change with grassroots solutions

The effects of climate change hit closest to home, posing ongoing challenges for councils and communities alike. In this session, we'll delve into the proactive efforts of councils collaborating with community organisations to tackle and minimise these impacts. Discover how community boards can engage effectively with their communities to ensure active participation in decision-making concerning climate change adaptation. We'll also address the emotional strain involved in responding to climate change, providing strategies for careful management while striving for positive action.

Session four | 9.00AM | Friday 23 August

Localism in action — working with communities to build resilience

Our communities are grappling with pressing challenges from dwindling food security, more frequent and intense weather events and ensuring fair access to different transportation modes while seeking ways to cut down on our carbon footprint. In this session, we'll spotlight tangible strategies for community boards and councils to team up with local organisations and residents. Together, we'll foster grassroots initiatives that not only improve environmental outcomes but also bolster community resilience from the ground up.

Session five | 12.00PM | Friday 23 August

Building strong connections with communities and relationships with councils

Being able to build and maintain strong relationships is key to the success of any community board — and that includes the connection between councils and communities. In this session we’ll explore ways to strengthen effective working relationships with councils, and how you can be strong and active voice for the communities you serve. We’ll also explore ways to effectively influence and communicate, including how best to demonstrate the value of community boards’ mahi to key partners and stakeholders.