SuperSteward Award

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This award is about celebrating the brilliant work our councils do for Aotearoa New Zealand’s environment. The winning initiative will have made a huge impact on the unique habitat of a council’s city, district or region — for example, improving biodiversity, mitigating the impacts of climate change or coming up with an innovative way to reduce waste. Maybe it involves raising community awareness of environmental issues, or enabling and empowering locals to take action themselves. However a council’s tackled it, they’ve found creative and engaging ways to make a positive impact on the environment in their rohe.


For the SuperSteward Award, you must demonstrate at least three of the following:

  • Evidence of environmental improvement. You’ve made demonstrable improvements to the natural environment — whether through enhancement, protection or restoration.
  • A focus on positive outcomes. You've clearly identified the environmental outcome/s you want to achieve and have a clear plan for realising them.
  • Localised focus. You’ve come up with local or regional solutions that are tailored to your unique environment, and your specific communities’ wants and needs.
  • Thoughtful execution. You’ve used resources in sustainable and culturally appropriate ways to deliver the project.
  • Long-term impact. You have a focus on continuous improvement that will ensure your initiative has a long-lasting positive impact.
  • Community awareness. Your initiative takes the opportunity to raise community awareness of environmental challenges, and/or creates opportunities for communities to get involved in addressing them.

Let's celebrate the initiatives that contribute to a greener, more resilient future for our communities!


  1. In 2,500 words or less, applicants for the SuperSteward Award should provide a detailed description of their initiative, including its objectives, implementation strategies, and achieved outcomes.
  2. Up to four pieces of supporting evidence such as community testimonials, expert endorsements, and quantitative results will significantly strengthen the nomination. These should be in either .pdf, .png or .jpeg format.


  • To be eligible to enter, the applicant must be a current LGNZ member organisation at both time of application and at the awards ceremony.
  • Applicants, their current employer or employer at time of application through to the completion of the Awards process may not have been prosecuted, fined, or have charges or fines pending, for a violation of any environmental, social, or commercial law in Australia, New Zealand or overseas in the past three years.